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Vanity Mirrors: Beyond The Big Box

by Clare Fox |

A little over a year ago we moved into a new living space, and it came without mirrors over the bathroom sinks. No idea if the previous owners loved their mirrors so much that they had to take them with, or if they decided to live a mirror-free existance. So, like everyone does, we took to the internet...and quickly found out that there are a couple varieties of vanity mirror available out there.


Without naming any names, this is what we found:

Mirrors From The Big Box Home Improvement Store.  They're fine, I guess.  The problem is that they look like Mirrors From The Big Box Home Improvement Store, and make your vanity look just like the display in Aisle 115.

Mirrors From The National Home Decor Chain Where Everything Is In Disorganized Piles All Over The Store. The best part about them is that they're cheap. The worst part is that they're really really cheap. Sometimes the mirror itself is plastic, and they're usually made in India or China. We're not judging, just saying..we prefer U.S. made when we can find it.

Mirrors From The Other National Home Decor Chain That Sends Out Big Catalogs All The Time, And Thinks Everyone Lives In A Gigantic Loft In Soho.  We were getting closer to a look we liked, but they're sure pricey. Beyond that, we needed a different size than what they offered, and there was no customization there. The mirrors are made in one size, and if you need something different, you're out of luck. 

So...we did what we always do, and made our own!


Once we made ours, we decided to bring them to market, and offer an alternative to the less-than-ideal options available elsewhere.

We were able to work with a local glass supplier, and get USA made mirror, at a price that allows us to compete with the big national chains, but provide a higher level of quality.


 Our Vanity Mirrors are available in 9 popular sizes, and 10 different stain/paint combinations, to fit any room in the house, and any decor. They're built using reclaimed Pine, from homes and buildings in the Detroit area, and are made by hand to order. When you place your order, we build that mirror specifically for you.

Customization is always an option, whether you want us to match your decor, or need a slightly different size.

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