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Mutual Adoration forever.
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Saturday, October 5th, from 7 to 11pm
Belle Isle Aquarium
Craft Cocktails & Beer & Wine
Cocktail Attire


This is one of our favorite places in the city and we just had to throw our party here!
The Belle Isle Aquarium was designed by famed Detroit architect, Albert Kahn, and opened on August 18, 1904. It is the oldest aquarium in the country and has served the community as a beloved attraction for generations. Walking through the aquarium, you will travel all over the globe exploring the Great Lakes and waters of the world. From Africa to South America, from rocky shores to sandy depths, all different environments are on display. The Aquarium has a Beaux Art style entrance that is decorated with an ornate arch incorporating two spitting dolphins and the emblem of Detroit. The Aquarium's interior features rare, green opalite glass tiles lining its vaulted ceiling. Kahn’s original design was to display the fish like art hanging on the wall in a gallery.


The aquarium is located at 3 Inselruhe Ave, Detroit, MI 48207
There is plenty of parking right in front of the venue, and Belle Isle is also serviced via Lyft or Uber.
If you do drive, remember that a State of Michigan recreation passport is required for vehicles parked on the island. If you didn't purchase one when renewing your license plates, a day pass can be purchased on the island.


We have been visiting Belle Isle with our families since we were kids. Picnics, playgrounds, and the giant slide! We love living nearby so we can run around with the dogs, swim in the summer and enjoy the botanical gardens in the winter. Clare has created art installations on the island, and Mutual Adoration has participated in the annual Art Fair. It is such a special place! Belle Isle Park is a 2.5-mile-long, 982-acre island park, located in the international waters of the Detroit River. The island has a unique ecology. Surrounded by water, with approximately 7 miles of shoreline, it is a picturesque spot. Inspired by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted’s design in the 1880s, the park was created to provide an urban oasis in Detroit. Affectionately named the “Jewel of Detroit”, Belle Isle has significant natural, architectural, and cultural resources. Almost one third of the island is a natural wooded area that is home to a wide variety of small animals and birds.


Here are some of our favorite places to visit, to sleep, or to grab dinner before the party.