Studio Tour

We moved into this 10,000 square foot space in early 2017.  The building was originally a U.S. Post Office, starting in 1940, servicing the surrounding neighborhoods.  It was closed in the mid 1970's, and lived a couple of different lives before we arrived on the scene.

     Mutual Adoration, reclaimed wood working                    

Today, it's the home of Mutual Adoration, along with three other small companies;  Tait Design Co., Hooray Forever, and Scarlet Crane Creations.  Together, we fill up the space with life, creativity, sawdust, and good vibes.  We also opened our flagship retail store, POST, in what was originally the Post Office's lobby.  POST carries the work of all our studios, along with over 200 other handmade brands, both from Detroit and across the country.

POST home goods store Detroit Mutual Adoration