Clare Fox
Clare was born and raised on the West side of Detroit and spent much of her childhood in Northern Michigan. After many years of travel and transience, including a few years in Mexico and Europe, Clare returned to Detroit to complete her BFA with a concentration in printmaking, at Wayne State University. To further her education and experience, she attended The Ohio State University’s MFA program. Driven to master both traditional and contemporary technologies, Clare works in experimental forms of photography, printmaking, and sculpture. Clare’s eye for interior space and her intense love of color, pattern, and texture guides the look of Mutual Adoration. Fun Fact? Clare has been to every state except Hawaii.
Wayne Maki
Wayne was born and raised on the East side of Detroit. After studying at Michigan State, the University of Oklahoma, and the College for Creative Studies, he has worked extensively in both artistic and commercial settings as a photographer. With a deep respect for material and a curiosity for technology and process, he is a skilled mechanic, woodworker, and craftsman. His eye for detail ensures that all of Mutual Adoration’s products exhibit the highest quality of design and function. When he is not working with wood or riding motorcycles, he is reading about wood or motorcycles.  Fun Fact? Wayne was once bitten by a Brown Recluse spider, and lived to tell the tale.
Nino Palazzolo
Nino was raised in Wyandotte, Michigan. His woodworking career began in 1993, building stairs with his family’s business. He went on to run his own finish carpentry business until he was bit by the travel bug and headed out West. Nino spent many years in Portland, Oregon working in a lumber mill and enjoying the great outdoors. Last year, he returned to Detroit with his wife Tessa so he could be closer to family. Fun Fact? Both of Nino’s parents are from Italy and he is terribly spoiled by his mother’s incredible cooking. Thank goodness he brings treats into the shop on occasion!
Celena Bezak
Celena grew up in Royal Oak, Michigan. Her interests are as varied as her talents. Celena hikes, bikes, longboards, brews beer, cooks, bakes, knits…the list goes on! She has travelled around the US and Korea. Her keen eye for good design and obsessive attention to detail is apparent in her work in ceramics and wood. Fun Fact? Celena holds the Mutual Adoration record for hauling heavy barn beams in the warehouse.