Mutual Adoration. Mutual Respect.

Clare Fox and Wayne Maki of Mutual Adoration and POST

Founded in 2012 by Clare Fox and Wayne Maki, Mutual Adoration is a multi-faceted independent business specializing in producing, selling, and teaching contemporary craft. In 2017, we transformed a former US Post Office into an open concept production studio, retail shop, and venue for craft workshops. This hub of creative energy on Detroit’s East side is known simply as POST.

Mutual Adoration believes in the importance of craft, community, and making things by hand. Through our hard work, our commitment to quality, and by generously sharing our knowledge and skills, we strive to be a positive force for our community of customers, students, employees, and collaborators.

We take our mission of supporting and sharing craft and creativity very seriously. We curate POST with goods, classes, and events to reflect this mission. POST exists to connect customers with over 300 featured artists/makers and to build an engaged community through experiential shopping and hands-on education.