Mutual Adoration. Mutual Respect.

Clare Fox and Wayne Maki of Mutual Adoration and POST

Mutual Adoration believes in the importance of craft, community, and making things by hand. Through our hard work, our commitment to quality, and by generously sharing our knowledge and skills, we strive to be a positive force for our community of customers, students, employees, and collaborators. 

Mutual Adoration was founded in 2012 by Clare Fox and Wayne Maki. 
Clare and Wayne are native Detroiters (West side meets East side) and they love sharing their work and their city with the world. Mutual Adoration goods can be found in fine shops and contemporary craft galleries all over the country. Mutual Adoration is a combined effort to meld their individual passions and talents for design, craft, and history. In early 2017, they moved their design and production operations to POST and opened the retail shop later that year. Clare and Wayne have curated the studios, shop, and educational programming in an effort to promote contemporary craft and provide a space for learning, creating, and connecting.