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Meet Clare and Wayne

Both our personal and business stories are a combination of happy accidents and a mutual habit of doing things our own way. On our first date, we dug into what we thought was the bar’s pool-table buffet. It was actually food laid out for a wake, and we’d unwittingly joined the mourners. We’re still laughing (and feeling a little sheepish) about it, years later.

Our business started much the same way. As one of Clare’s art shows closed — a collaborative installation using found, donated and reclaimed materials — Wayne offered his garage for temporary storage. While we hauled materials into the garage, still managing to enjoy each other’s company, we had the idea to do a project, our first, together. We had a lot of leftover wood from the why not, you know, build a table or something?

That’s how Mutual Adoration began.

Soon after came a commercial installation job using more of this wood. With our backgrounds in sculpting and printmaking (Clare) and photography and all things mechanical (Wayne), working with wood, together, was a surprisingly satisfying transition. We both prioritize craftsmanship and love colorful, visually compelling design. This makes our work easy.