Alchemy Blue Jay Natural Fragrance Botanical Perfume

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Blue Jay by Alchemy

A perfumed spirit for scenting the body, freshening the bath, sweetening dreams, and conjuring up good juju.

IMPRESSION: Herbaceous and enveloping

Top Notes: Bergamot, lemon, rose geranium
Heart Notes: Blue tansy, clary sage rosewood and neroli
Base Notes: chypre, cistus


It’s fresh, clean and herbaceous, featuring bergamot, clary sage and blue tansy (with hints of petitgrain, rosewood and geranium bourbon).
In folk magic the jay is a bold trickster, a harbinger of change, and a call to follow your dreams. We formulated Blue Jay as part potion, part perfume; inspired by the belief that scent and symbols protect against dis-ease and insidious ill-will. Formulated with natural essences of clary sage and blue tansy, you’re invited to enjoy Blue Jay as a lively fragrance, or to create your own rituals for clarity, communication and courage.

The gorgeous blue will fade with exposure to the sun.
All botanical ingredients. No animal products.

50 mL glass atomizer

Contents: 100% cane sugar alcohol, all plant essences including bergamot, lemon, petitigrain, rosewood, clary sage, cistus, lyslang, blue tansy, chamomile, fir needle, black pepper, laurel, orange, nutmeg and Gurjun Balsam.
Handcrafted in Ferndale, Michigan
* Woman Owned Business
* POST Workshop Instructor

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It's rare to find a blue tansy perfume, so I bought this as soon as I saw it on the site. I'm glad I did! It's such a pleasant scent, and I like that I can use it to cleanse a space, or just perfume myself

Edit: I feel REALLY good when I wear this as a perfume, nothing gets to me when I'm wearing it! I'm gonna buy another bottle, I can tell I'm gonna use this a lot.