Spectrum Alpaca Throw Blanket

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The coolest and most colourful of spaces may call for a Spectrum throw. A fun mix of orange, yellow, green and blue, this throw can serve as a charming accent to any bed or living space. Not only will it do its decorative job well, but it will also successfully do its main objective of keeping you warm. 

These Alpaca blankets are thin, lightweight yet extremely warm. Made from Peruvian Alpaca fibers, the blankets are luxuriously soft and warm, making them must-have accessories for those dilly nights indoors or transform into vibrant room décor. Alpaca fur is superior to most natural fibers including wool and features the most desirable characteristics you look for in fabrics. Alpaca is as smooth as silk and as fine as cashmere. It is softer than cotton and stronger than wool. Due to its unique cellular structure, it boasts excellent thermal and insulating properties. It is also 100% hypoallergenic.

Size: 45" x 70" 
Material: 60% Baby Alpaca / 40% Acrylic

Handcrafted in Peru
*Woman Owned Business
*Fair Trade Certified

Shupaca products are crafted by a variety of artisan groups within the indigenous communities of the Andes Mountain region of South America. We are committed to supporting the social and economic advancement of the artisans & their families in these small communities through fair wages and direct incentives. Shupaca offers high-quality designs and unique products that you are guaranteed to fall in love with! We are a family-owned, dedicated brand with a focus on making a difference! ECO-FRIENDLY & SUSTAINABLE We specialize in Alpaca fiber! Alpaca is quickly becoming one of the world’s most renowned sustainable & eco-friendly fibers. The alpacas are sheared once a year in spring and the fiber is spun into yarn. Superior to wool, alpaca fiber is extremely soft, light-weight, and amazingly warm with its' naturally insulating core. It does not contain lanolin, making it hypoallergenic- the perfect combination for cold weather accessories!

How To Care For Your Alpaca Throws

Giving proper care to your alpaca throws means getting to enjoy their luxurious softness and warmth for decades. By following the care instructions below, you not only get to preserve the quality of the throw, but turn it into a wonderful heirloom that can be cherished by generations to come:

  • Alpaca isn’t a high maintenance fiber. It does not pill and is water-resistant. More importantly, it has the ability to self-clean naturally. Its hollow fibers resist the absorption of dirt or odors. This means they do not need to be washed often! Simply air them outdoors after use. 
  • It is better to hand wash alpaca throws to help preserve their shape and construction. Always use a gentle, non-abrasive soap such as mild detergent or baby shampoo. 
  • Do not use hot water or even varying degrees of water temperature since this will shock the fibers, causing them to mat together or weaken. No need for fabric softeners as well.
  • After washing, place the throw on a flat surface or on a dry towel (to help absorb extra moisture). Do not hang to dry, and let it air dry away from sunlight or other heat sources like radiators. Do not use dryers which can cause the throw to shrink

You may use a washing machine, but it is recommended to only use those with adjustable settings. The setting you need is one that is designed for washing delicate wool items. This type of washing actually mimics gentle hand washing.  Use these tips when using this setting:

  • Select cold temperature
  • Only use a spin speed that is low or slow (alpaca can’t be spun, wrung, or heated)
  • Use a mild soap to help preserve the fiber’s color, texture, and durability.
  • Do not use the dryer. Simply lay it flat to dry.
  • To store your throws, keep them in cool and dry places away from damp conditions. You may seal them in breathable pillowcases, paper bags, or shirt boxes. This will allow air to keep circulating through the throws while keeping them away from insects and moisture. 

We wish you warm and cozy days ahead with your alpaca throws!

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